This page refers to the advertising email relay service for members of the gauge 1 community.

If you want to receive and/or send adverts to those others who have subscribed to the service

you must first join. To do this you must send an email which has only the word join in both the

subject line and message body. Similarly if you do not want to send or be bothered with any

further relayed messages simply send an email which has only the word leave in both the

subject line and message body. Please make sure that your email program and utilities do not

add any extraneous text to either the subject line or main message body.

Once you have joined then, up to the time that you leave, any other messages received from

the same email address will be treated as a message you want to be relayed to all other current

members of this service.

These messages should be sent to: {short description of image}

The service is provided free of charge. Those who use it must undertake to limit their messages

to model railway models, components, equipment and/or tooling. Furthermore they

must accept that the operators of the service are not responsible for any goods or services

offered for sale through the service nor for any statements made, or views expressed, within

the relayed messages. The operators reserve the right to blacklist any subscriber that does not

adhere to the guidelines.

The originator of the message (as supplied on the incoming emails) are provided for you to make

contact if you so wish.

The service is available both for private sales and for those in the trade. Please would those in

the trade ensure that any adverts they place are marked as [Trade] in the subject line and body.

Please would everybody, trade ande private, ensure that messages are short, simple to understand

and relevant. We really do not need to know what brand of anti-virus software you use, your

personal or corporate life/mission statement or attempted humour of the day.

Those who maintain any form of web catalogue should simply give the briefest description of

the item, the price and a link to the relevant web page.

Messages are processed in the order they are received. The system is currently under test with

the relay operating on an infrequent basis. Feel free to experiment if you would like to do so.

It is expected that the system will be running on a regular basis at the end of February 2007.

Slight update: following a couple of requests two more lists are being set up, one for G-scalers

(from Aristocraft's weird 45mm-1:29 combo and on to Bachmann, LGB et. al.)

and a further one for 16mm narrow gauge.

The user lists for these are kept seperate, you must join each list that you want to use.

PLEASE send your messages only to the relevant address.

{short description of image}